Day Three: Ston, Croatia

Ston, just 33 miles northwest of Dubrovnik,  has been an important salt-producing town since the Republic of Dubrovnik.  The salt pans were essential to Dubrovnik’s wealth and they are still operating today.
A massive wall was built in the hills around the salt pans;  when you visit the town, carve out time to walk a portion of the wall.  Views will be magnificent.
The waters around Ston are famous for their delicious oysters – our colleague, Siniša Juzbašić escorted us to Ston, the oyster farm and to VUKAS Winery, a family-run operation known for its high-quality wines.  The day was a highlight of our trip, especially learning how the oysters are harvested, the clean waters and the tasting excursion on a small boat in the very waters where the oysters grow!  Amazing day, thank you, Sinisa Juzbasic.

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