Four Seasons, Costa Rica at Papagayo Peninsula

This venue has been on my back burner for approximately four years. Summer 2017, we made it a priority to take our week of rest/relaxation on a peninsula surrounded by beaches, white-faced monkeys, and pizotes (long nosed members of the raccoon family).
The Four Seasons, Costa Rica the Peninsula at Papagayo became our home away from home for seven days.  As our flight from Houston started its descent towards the Liberia Airport, I was able to see the lush green landscape and the brilliant aquamarine water awaiting us.
Driving from the Liberia (LIR) airport to  Four Seasons, Costa Rica, was a slide show of green landscape, sugar cane fields and the occasional wild pig looking for a meal.  Taking our breath away was the entrance to the resort, quickly transformed into the breathtaking views of the Papagayo Peninsula coastlines.
Stay tuned for our arrival at the Four Seasons, Costa Rica!!

Four Seasons, Costa Rica

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