Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things
Living in Capitol Hill, DC is perfect in so many ways. There’s an energy to the city, Union Station (Amtrak’s headquarters) makes travel very easy and the District is served by three airports: DCA, IAD and BWI.  The nation’s capitol is within walking distance, museums are free, ethnic restaurants within reach, street fairs aplenty, green spaces (yes we have green spaces/parks), and Eastern Market reside here.
For those of you that have never been to Eastern Market, it is a MUST VISIT VENUE.
Eastern Market in Capitol Hill has a butcher, fishmonger, florist, baker, huge flea market and booths with local artists. One day we were browsing the flea market and came across a vendor called Olde Good Things.  If you ask me what they do, they repurpose old materials that otherwise get trashed.  They had an amazing full-length mirror made with reclaimed tin salvaged from NYC pre-depression and late 19th century buildings. These folks go in, salvage the contents, and repurpose them.  It gets better – they give half of their profits to fund mission work in Haiti.
Currently, Olde Good Things has three NYC stores and a store/warehouse in Los Angeles.  Two warehouses are based in Scranton, PA.   We just visited the warehouses in Scranton, PA and found this repurposed accent table (see before and after photos).
Can’t wait to go back.

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