Dining In on New Year' Eve

Many times the best things are right under your nose.

Pot de crème

So, this NYE we dined at home with a menu that delighted our senses.  Crab cakes with remoulade sauce, caesar salad, roasted rack of lamb, beef tenderloin and Pot de crème.  Oh, did I forget to add chocolate bread pudding as a second dessert? Just in case…….
Bidding 2017 farewell and welcoming the dawn of a new year, we invited Chef Laureen Vance,  Effortless Bistro FB,  into our home for a new tradition.  Congrats, Chef Laureen for making our wishes a reality.
Last, but certainly not least, Venetian masks were the theme for bidding 2017 farewell and welcoming 2018!  Happy New Year’s!
Roasted Rack of Lamb


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